• Eat Your Way from San Diego to Los Angeles

    125 MILES | 2 hr 30 min

    Eating Up the Coast

    The trip from San Diego up to Los Angeles County is only 115 miles or so, but with treacherous Southern California gridlock, the drive could eat most of your day. Instead, why not spend the day eating? Starting in San Diego, one of the most historic morning meals in the…

  • Gulf Coast Treasures from Florida to Alabama

    253 MILES | 5 hr 4 min

    Road Trip Overview

    The only problem with a road trip along the Gulf Coast, from Florida’s “Forgotten Coast” to Mobile, Alabama, is that there are far too many good things to eat. With this food-filled road trip we have selected our favorite six restaurants that span the gap from the Forgotten Coast to Mobile,…

  • The 9 Best Places to Eat in Augusta, Georgia

    The Masters of Food

    Augusta, Georgia is most famously known for being the home of one thing, the Augusta National Golf Club, and more importantly, the Masters. However, this event only lasts for four days out of the year. The other 361 days, Augusta is home to fantastic food. Ranging from cakes…

  • Orlando Unique Eats

    74 MILES | 2 hr

    Road Trip Overview

    Driving just two hours total, this road trip will take you in and around Orlando before heading to the coast, visiting 9 memorable restaurants along the way. With Seafood, Soul food and Sandwiches along the tour, there is something for everyone. The total distance of driving is 74 miles, which can…

  • The 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in the CSRA

    Mexican Restaurants, In Georgia?

    Everyone knows that the Central Savannah River Area around Augusta, Georgia, is rich with BBQ, peach pie, fried chicken, Coastal seafood, and meat & 3 plate lunch. It also happens to be a nexus of superb Mexican food. Forget Taco Bell, Moe’s, and Chipotle and visit these unique gems for…

  • Where to Eat in Montgomery, Alabama

    Montgomery, Alabama

    For cheap, but delicious donuts, a local specialty called a West Indies Salad, tons of barbecue and other excellent restaurants and dishes, follow the list below of our nine favorite places to eat in and around Montgomery, Alabama.

    BBQ, Bar B Que and Bar-B-Q

    • There isn’t anywhere to…
  • Northeast Pizza Throwdown

    224 MILES | 5 hr 33 min

    East Coast Pizza Showdown

    Connecticut, New York and New Jersey all can lay claim to the best pizza in America, maybe in the world. We want you to be the judge. Take this 224 mile long tri-state tour of cream of the crop pizzerias in each state and decide for yourself which location has…

  • Connecticut: Hot Dog Heaven

    Franks Across Connecticut

    Along with New Jersey, New York, and Chicago, Connecticut is one of the nation’s most elite hot dog hunting grounds — home of dozens of joints that make the cooking and dressing of wieners into a fine culinary art. There is no one style unique to the state — although deep-frying,…

  • 9 Places to Go For Great Soft-Serve

    Soft Serve

    There is so much inferior soft-serve ice cream (aerated, chemically-flavored), that soft-serve in general has a bad reputation among ice cream lovers. But there are exceptions, soft-serve can be great! Whether authentic custard (containing egg yolks) or not, the soft-serve at these colorful Roadfood favorites is worth a detour.

    • Surrounded…