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I know pizza is a hotly debated topic. Chicago or New York style? Thick or thin crust? New wave California or New Haven? Everyone has their own personal preference. What matters to me is this: does it taste good and would I want to sit down to a couple of slices of it more than once? Regarding the Upper Crust, the answer is yes, yes, yes!

I lived in the Coolidge Corner area of Brookline, MA just around the corner from Upper Crust and always craved a slice. The first word that comes to mind when I eat this pizza is: tomatoes. I’m not sure if their sauce is made from freshly crushed or canned tomatoes, but the chunks that I would get on a slice tasted so incredibly fresh to me. The slices are fairly big, lots of gooey mozzarella, but not so much as to weigh it down and make it soggy. They use chopped basil which adds a great herby flavor to each slice. The crust is crisp and the edges are puffy, with a nice yeasty tang. Notice the air bubble in the photo. This is a good thing. Their crust is Neapolitan style, read: NY thin crust pizza.

The pepperoni slice is pretty respectable, but not as good as the cheese slice. I’ve had better pepperoni, but the blackened parts on the bottom of the crust were a real treat and add some texture and a smoky charred flavor to the slice. Their special slice of the day is almost always outstanding. They also serve calzones, lasagna and salads (I’ve not yet tried them) and they do offer some “off the beaten path” toppings: scallops, hearts of palm and breaded veal to name a few. I’ll probably try them one day, but for now I pretty much stick to the classics. It probably costs more than the average slice/pie from the local greasy pizza joint but I’ll gladly pay more for this any day.

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