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Typically when we hear the words Boston and Mexican in the same sentence, a slight shiver runs down our collective spine. So when the sign was hoisted over this Brookline corner storefront, we were, needless to say, less than excited to see what was moving in. Many Bostonians are devoutly allegiant to the small local chain Anna’s Taqueria, and the fact that this new eatery was opening less than two blocks away from Anna’s also made us wonder whether this new restaurant owner was off his rocker. We are ecstatically happy to report, however, that not only does restaurant owner Doug Organ have his wits about him, but he has also brought quality Mexican food to the city of Boston at long last. The food served at Dorado is not your typical burritos, beans, and rice fare; rather, the menu originates from the Oaxaca region of Mexico, in which burrito is an Americanized foodstuff.

The signature dish at Dorado is the cemita, an overstuffed Mexican sandwich in which beans, adobo sauce, Oaxacan string cheese, avocado, and your choice of meat are artfully layered on a soft, spongy roll. We have tried several different meats (including marinated pork, chicken, steak and their luscious, house-made chorizo) on the cemitas and have found each to be equally flavorful and stimulating to our tastebuds. Also not to be missed on the menu are Dorado’s Ensenada fish tacos. The fish taco is another dish that has cropped up with increasing frequency on menus nationwide in recent years, with few incarnations worthy of the Baja stamp. Dorado’s fish tacos, however, are most certainly the best version of this West Coast specialty that we have enjoyed off of the Left Coast. The fish is exquisitely batter-fried, the cabbage and lime perfectly accentuate the fish, and the crema completes the package.

Aside from their exemplary guacamole and tortilla chips, another noteworthy item includes elote, grilled corn smothered in traditional mayo, cotilla cheese, cayenne pepper and lime juice. Elote is also popping up on menus across the nation, but Dorado’s version is an obvious side with cemitas or tacos of this caliber. No order at Dorado is complete, however, without an accompanying glass of their homemade aguas frescas. Although all are refreshing and unique, the standout, worth-a-trip-on-its-own flavor is the watermelon with lemon and mint. Indeed, it is a drink so perfectly refreshing and thirst-quenching that it is beyond compare. Dorado will soon be opening a second location near Mass General Hospital. Dorado in Brookline is open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 10pm, and Sunday from 11am to 9pm.

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