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Man does not live on bread alone…unless that bread is from Boston’s Clear Flour Bakery. Hidden within a residential neighborhood straddling the Allston/Brookline line, Clear Flour is a small French artisanal bakery serving up a variety of gluten-intense delicacies. A large section of the closet-sized storefront is stuffed with a rotating selection of homemade breads. Not only can you find the expected baguettes, Italian loaves, and dinner rolls, but depending on the day of your visit you may be treated to selections such as New England Night (containing cranberries and pecans), Leinsamenbrot (a German flaxseed bread), or their excellent Porter Pumpernickel. One way to choose your bread, for those feeling overwhelmed, is to ask the counterperson for a loaf of whatever has just come out of the oven. There is nothing better than leaving the store with a paper bag from which steam threatens to escape from the still-warm bread. The loaves here are so intensely the polar opposite of those found in grocery store shelves. It is obvious, with one squeeze of the loaf, that the crunchy exterior and tender insides have not been exposed to any sort of preservatives or additives. As a result, these breads must be eaten within a day or two.

Although the bread provides essential foodstuffs, the variety of pastries, cookies, and tarts are nearly impossible to resist. The croissants come in plain, chocolate, fruit, and Gruyère varieties and are certainly among the best that will be found outside of Paris. Buttery, soft, and unbelievably tender, these croissants may leave you wondering whether those which you have eaten in the past can even be called by the same name. Their award-winning morning buns, so called because they sell out by late morning, are filled with walnuts and have a regal stickiness to them—no drippy or gooey syrups here. On special days, the staff rolls out incredible German pretzels, and the chocolate- and fruit-filled pastries are all wonderful.

Be sure to check their websites for a handy chart of daily availability for certain bread varieties. Clear Flour is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm.

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