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A Tom’s long dog audibly snaps when you sink your teeth into it. Foot long (far beyond the bun) and packed into natural casing, it is pale pink and quite literally bursting with flavor. It comes in a soft split bun. It is just right with nothing more than a line of mustard and spoonful of relish and raw onion spread across the top, but Tom’s offers a full array of toppings, including chili, bacon, kraut, and cheese, as well as the quasi-ethnic Mexican dog with spicy jalapeno cheese and a Tom’s Special with tomato sauce and cheese.

On the side of the outstanding dog, you definitely want French fries. These are gorgeous spuds, fried until they are the color of Honeydew honey, served in a cardboard boat. At the order counter, to flavor the potatoes, there is ketchup and there are also squeeze bottles of cider vinegar and white vinegar. Vinegar is the condiment of choice among many French fry hounds in parts of the Northeast where fish and chips is part of the culinary heritage.

Special thanks to Greg Pasco of West Springfield for tipping us off to this landmark Roadfood drive-in.

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Sunday10:30am - 7pm
Monday10:30am - 7pm
Tuesday10:30am - 7pm
Wednesday10:30am - 7pm
Thursday10:30am - 7pm
Friday10:30am - 8pm
Saturday10:30am - 7pm
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Along the River

A drive along the Connecticut River is described as a one of "traditions, vivid history, deeply rooted farming heritage, call of the railroads, natural beauty, and recreation." And memorable Yankee fare in diners and truck stops, at farm stands and sugar shacks, and in town cafes.

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