Taco Town

Review by: Michael Stern

The sign for Taco Town boasts, “We’re the Tac-O the Town!” For over half a century it has been a favorite gathering place for locals, many of whom are descendants of the Mexican families who settled here to work on the vast beet farms surrounding Scottsbluff.

While the inside seats are frequently buzzing with table-to-table conversations, many customers simply drive through and pick up food at the window just as one would do at any humdrum Taco Bell. But this is hardly junk food! Pork chili, sold by the pint and quart is a full-flavored homey stew. There are handsome plates of burritos, enchiladas, and flautas; and a combo meal gets you all of the above plus rice and beans.

The taco is a simple delight, its earthy corn shell audibly crisp but pliable enough that it doesn’t shatter, loaded with a heap of ground beef filling that is creamy-rich and peppery. Each one comes wrapped in paper that is twisted tight at both ends to keep it secure until you’ve found a parking place and are ready to unwrap it and dine off the dashboard.

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