Taco Temple

One of the best

There is a good chance you’ll see a line of people outside waiting to order before the sign for Taco Temple in Morro Bay, California, comes into view. The restaurant with outdoor seating is positioned at the edge of a large parking lot shared with a nearby grocery store just off Highway 1. 

New diners should be prepared for a salad with nearly every item available to order. The restaurant is known for its pile of spring mix and other vegetables with creamy Temple dressing that is served under, on top of, or alongside each selection.

Taquitos will pleasantly surprise you if you expect yours to arrive as tiny, tightly rolled fried sticks with filling. Taco Tempo loads them up so that they appear more like small burritos. Spicy bean is a must with its tiny kick of heat amidst the creamy beans. Taquitos come alongside the salad.

Stuffed Jalapenos offer a new way to experience traditional poppers. The version here includes halved jalapenos filled with cheese, wrapped in bacon and baked. They are pleasantly mild, allowing taste buds to experience the true flavor of the pepper without overwhelming heat. The peppers are served on top of salad greens. 

If you are in the mood for a truly original taco experience, order the Calamari Taco. This is not your usual hand-held taco. It is a challenge to uncover the tortilla at the bottom once it is topped with the salad greens, a pile of fried calamari, and crunchy potato matchsticks. It’s served with sweet and tangy mango salsa — a taco you eat in layers with a fork. 

Entrees come with black beans, rice, and of course, salad. The Combo Platter includes a Chile Relleno and a Sweet Potato Enchilada. The Anaheim chile has a light cracker crust. It’s stuffed with cheese and served covered in tomatillo sauce. The enchilada comes with a mix of tender strips of sweet potatoes, peppers, and caramelized onions. It’s topped in the same sauce and garnished with pumpkin seeds. The combination of the sweet potato, onions, and sauce create a mix of sweet and tart flavors.

Taco Temple has been serving the community since 1997. The restaurant’s original take on the standard taco and other treats draws people from around Central California whether they live within a few miles or are just passing through. 

What to Eat
Taco Temple, Calamari Taco
Calamari Taco
The Calamari Taco is served as a corn tortilla covered in a mountain of fried calamari and matchstick potatoes.
Taco Temple, Spicy Bean Taquitos
Spicy Bean Taquitos
These taquitos are likely much bigger than those you've had before. The spicy bean filling has a pleasant heat.
Taco Temple, Side dishes with salad and Temple dressing
Side dishes with salad and Temple dressing
Side dishes include black beans and rice with your entree along with the famous salad with Temple dressing.
Taco Temple, Combo Platter with Chile Relleno and a Sweet Potato Enchilada
Combo Platter with Chile Relleno and a Sweet Potato Enchilada
The combo plate with a Chile Relleno and a Sweet Potato Enchilada.
Taco Temple, Stuffed Jalapenos
Stuffed Jalapenos
The stuffed jalapeños are filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon.
Directions and Hours
open now
Sunday11am - 8:30pm
Monday11am - 8pm
Tuesday11am - 8pm
Wednesday11am - 8pm
Thursday11am - 8pm
Friday11am - 8:30pm
Saturday11am - 8:30pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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