Lincoln Market & Deli

Review by: Miranda Cilfone & Kris Masilamani

On the corner of two backroads in suburban San Luis Obispo, Lincoln Market & Deli serves specialty and customizable subs. It is easy to enjoy the sandwiches at a sunny porch seating area or to grab something the go along with a few groceries. The staff are friendly and polite, recommending popular and local favorites, but building your own sandwich is also encouraged to ensure the perfect individualized sub experience. We put our order in via paper slip and placed it in a basket, where it was promptly picked up. As our sandwiches were being made, we browsed around the market and admired a grocery selection that is surprisingly large for a deli.

Since there were so many options, we ordered a few half-sandwiches to maximize the tasting experience. Our first half was called the Chorro Chzsteak, a hot, cheesy sandwich that came with a few slices of shaved steak and sauteed onions inside a beautifully seasoned soft onion roll. What it lacked in quantity was made up for by quality: the meat went so well with pepperjack cheese, jalapeños, avocado, hot sauce, and a secret “Awesome sauce.” It is an abundance of flavors, but each comes through, strong and spicy.

Our other half was the Buffalo Bleu, another warmed sandwich packed with intense flavors of both bleu crumble and dressing, along with hot sauce and crisp bacon. This sandwich comes with more meat than its counterparts and the chicken is tender and satisfying.

To serve the vegetarians of the sandwich loving population, we went for a Community Garden Sandwich. Loaded with more vegetables than we ever thought could fit into a sandwich, it is definitely a winner. Vegetables are packed in with cheese, and you can choose from a variety of breads.

As for a build-your-own, we chose to stack whole wheat bread with turkey, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, sprouts, pepperoncini, and avocado: a crisp, cool sandwich that is a fine alternative for those who aren’t hot sub fans.

The Lincoln Market & Deli is an ideal sandwich place and is worth a detour for those traveling along the central coast. Its accommodating menu will satisfy all, and a seat in the sun with put you at ease in sandwich heaven.

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Chorro Cheesesteak

Buffalo Bleu

Community Garden

Build Your Own


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