Patty’s Pantry

Review by: Jane Stern

Odd as it seems, some of the most remarkable Roadfood can be found in gas stations or convenience stores. Patty’s is a small deli next to a gas station, and they make the best fried chicken and French fries in the Northeast.

When I owned a horse (ten years back) I stabled him at a barn a mile away from Patty’s, and on the way home I would stop for a box of fried chicken and the exceptional French fries they make. It always put a happy end to a day outdoors.

There is nothing the slightest bit fancy or “gourmet” about Patty’s, but the consistency of the excellent chicken and fries is not to be taken for granted. This is not a supermarket or a fast food chain; it is a small mom and pop place that is always crowded by locals who know all about it.

Route 188 in Southbury is a fun road to explore. If you leave Patty’s and drive a mile or two on 188 towards Middlebury there are amazing consignment and discount stores selling high end merchandise for pennies on the dollar. What you save there you can use for chicken money.

What To Eat

Fried Chicken

French Fries


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March 23rd, 2022

Some very tasty chicken here. The fries look great and are very spuddy with skins on — but not crispy — so disappointed w them.


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