Jane Stern

Jane Stern


For over forty years, Jane Stern has been a pioneer in the food and travel writing space. After her time at Yale, she and Michael Stern wrote food and travel reviews, guides and books before anyone even knew they needed them. Jane has been the recipient of three James Beard awards for her writing in Gourmet magazine, where she was a staff writer for 18 years. She has been inducted into the Smithsonian for donating culinary works and artifacts over the years. Jane has also written books independently, such as Ambulance Girl: How I Saved Myself by Becoming an EMT, which is a memoir documenting her time as an EMT to overcome her depression. This incredible book was made into a TV movie starring Kathy Bates as Jane Stern in 2005. Jane currently lives in Connecticut.



A few years back, country singer Ray Stevens invited a New York friend to join him at one of his favorite Nashville lunchrooms, a place called Hap Townes. The New Yorker was a professional efficiency expert whose business was telling restaurateurs how to be successful. When he and Ray arrived at Hap Townes, a one-room … Continue reading Meat-And-Three

Ford’s Lobsters

The Lobster Bomb is reason enough to visit Ford’s, but factor in the salty shoreline setting and this might just be the most perfect meal you ever ate. Continue reading Ford’s Lobsters | Roadfood Restaurants

Top 12 favorite Ice Cream Scoops

WITH THE EXCEPTION of the hot dog bun, there has never been an edible invention as useful as the ice cream cone. Eat it all and leave nothing behind but a napkin. No need to sit down, and only one hand is required. We’ve hardly ever met a cone we didn’t like, but these are … Continue reading Top 12 favorite Ice Cream Scoops

Whidbey Pies Cafe

Located at Greenbank Farm in Washington State, Whidbey Pies makes sweet and savory masterpieces, some of the best pies anywhere. Salted caramel apple is a must! Continue reading Whidbey Pies Cafe | Roadfood Restaurants

Top 5 BBQ Restaurants | Western Kentucky

Get yourself to Western Kentucky for great BBQ I see the food shows on TV where they go all over the place looking for barbecue,” says pitmaster Lowell Jewell, “and I think, ‘Why don’t you come to western Kentucky and eat the real thing?’ ” Good advice. Following the barbecue trail west of Louisville along … Continue reading Top 5 BBQ Restaurants | Western Kentucky

Best restaurants in Greenwood, MS | Hot Licks Delta Style

Ever since we first ate margarine-sauced pompano at Lusco’s, in Greenwood, Mississippi, a quarter century ago, we’ve considered the cotton capital of the world a destination dining city. Waiters sidle through Sears catalog floral-print curtains into Lusco’s private back-room dining booths as the plaints of blues musicians float from the sound system. It’s all a … Continue reading Best restaurants in Greenwood, MS | Hot Licks Delta Style

The best coffee, pizza and bakeries in Rome | Roamin’ Holiday

BEING LOVERS of cowboy boots, we thought we knew a thing or two about pointy toes. Then we went to Rome. When we saw the shoes worn by fashionable Italian men and women, we suddenly felt like we were walking around in clunking shoe boxes. One of our most vivid images from a week of … Continue reading The best coffee, pizza and bakeries in Rome | Roamin’ Holiday

Datil Be Fine

Minorcan clam chowder looks like Manhattan clam chowder, and a first taste reinforces the resemblance. But soon a glow starts at the back of the throat, and after a few mouthfuls the heat begins to build. Midway through a bowl, your tongue is on fire and your lips feel as if they might go numb. … Continue reading Datil Be Fine

The best chicken dinner in Rhode Island | Big Bird in a Little State

Roast chicken is usually demure, but in Rhode Island it’s outlandish. All around Woonsocket, in the Blackstone Valley north of Providence, the extremely tiny state sports extremely gigantic restaurants that serve boundless bowls of chicken along with pasta and fried potatoes to challenge the most robust trencherman. Meals are dished out family-style, preceded by garlicky … Continue reading The best chicken dinner in Rhode Island | Big Bird in a Little State


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