Ford’s Lobsters

Review by: Jane Stern

I had a lot of trouble finding this place. It wasn’t me, it was my GPS…really. When I put in Ford’s Lobsters listed address as 15 Riverview Avenue, Groton, it took me to a small ranch house in a suburban neighborhood where there was not a lobster in sight. I reprogrammed the GPS for Noank, which is part of Groton and voila, I was in lobsterland in 15 minutes.

What to eat at Ford’s Lobsters

I thought I had eaten lobster every possible way until a recent visit to Ford’s Lobsters. I had heard about their Lobster Bomb, but it seemed too legendary to be true, sort of like Moby Dick. How was it possible to actually have more lobster on your plate than you can eat?

But unlike the white whale, there really is a Lobster Bomb at Ford’s and it is served hot or cold. Hot means with melted butter, cold with mayo. The Lobster Bomb is a scooped out bread bowl overflowing with fresh pink tail and claw meat, and that, folks, is all there is to it.

But factor in the rustic picnic tables you are sitting at, the view of pleasure and fishing boats coming and going, gulls screeching overhead, and the salty air, and you realize that this might just be the most perfect meal you ever ate. You will also begin to feel sorry for the poor tablemates who are making do with an overflowing (but by comparison, tiny) lobster roll. The Lobster Bomb is a glutton’s delight and a one of a kind experience.

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