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Review by: Miranda Cilfone & Kris Masilamani

You’d think that a menu made up solely of organic plant-based foods would be dauntingly small. We did not expect to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options at this cafe north of Los Angeles. Joi in Westlake Village is a busy establishment full of locals getting their healthy vegan fix. Whether it be a to-go order or a nice sit down meal with friends, Joi has enough space and options for all. A modern and sleek look houses a small kitchen churning out creative dishes that imitate those of California restaurants that serve meat.

We sampled the popular Fun Tuna before we ordered a bowl of it. Dill and celery make it taste as familiar as any classic tuna or potato salad. Garbanzo beans mimic the consistency of tuna without a smell or taste of the sea. This chunky dip/spread was so good we secured a take out tub to enjoy at home.

Along with Fun Tuna, we ordered a Black Bean Burger Patty, Taco Trio, and Raw Pizza. The burger had a mushy consistency and, though nicely charred, was less flavorful than we had hoped. The Taco Trio is a fun option: three kinds of imitation meat (Jackfruit ‘Fish’, Beyond Meat ‘Chicken’, ‘Beefy’ Calabacitas) in corn tacos, topped with a fresh cucumber salsa, a unique avocado pesto, and mild chipotle aioli. The imitation meats don’t taste exactly like their counterparts, but they are definitely enjoyable and go well with the toppings.

The Raw Pizza came with a side Caesar salad, which is a delicate balance of kale and lettuce. A hard almost chip-like crust is the base of the unusual pizza. It is coated with cashew cheese and topped with sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and kale pesto. All of these flavors combine for a satisfying dish that holds together very well. It is nothing like pizza, but is a tasty experience nevertheless.

To wash down our meal we enjoyed a Georgia Peach smoothie. Sweetened by local peaches, spiced by cardamom, thickened with almond butter, and smoothed with cashew milk, this heavenly drink was sweet and pure.  It was a great dessert for our animal-friendly meal.

For a quality meatless meal that some consider healthier for the body and soul, Joi steps up to the plate. Vegans and even meat lovers will not be disappointed, especially if they try one of the delicious smoothies. Taste is not compromised and the devoted organic-ness of their menu just might blow foodies away.

What To Eat

Black Bean Burger Patty

Georgia Peach Smoothie



Raw Pizza

Caesar Salad

Sauteed Vegetables


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