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A restaurant for Greek inspired seafood

We were mourning leaving New Orleans when we read about the Mayflower Cafe in Jackson, MS. We planned our trip to Memphis so that we would pass by Jackson and were we ever happy that we did. The Mayflower Cafe is a gem among the Roadfood experiences that we have had over the years. Stopping here temporarily assuaged our grief at leaving great seafood behind.

What should I eat at Mayflower Cafe?

My partner ordered Mike’s Gumbo and I, crab bisque. The gumbo was full of okra and shrimp and my bisque was creamy and chockablock with crab. Both were absolutely delicious and could have easily been found in New Orleans. Both of us had the half shrimp and half oyster platter–fried. The breading was light and the food was cooked perfectly. There wasn’t a hint of grease anywhere on the plate or on the food.

The French fries were, our waitress informed us, a house specialty. Deservedly so: crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, served right out of the fryer. We enjoyed dipping them in the house dressing. The dressing also adorned our salad and was equally good both ways. We found the recipe for comeback dressing and I think it will become a new standard on our iceberg wedges served at home.

Refuel at this yummy stop along your travels

For anyone traveling in Mississippi, the Mayflower Cafe should definitely be on your list of places to try.

What To Eat

Half Shrimp-Half Oyster Plater

Crab Bisque

Mike’s Gumbo

Captains Platter

Lemon Ice Box Pie

Salad with Comeback Sauce

Dinner Rolls


Fried Chicken

mac n’ cheese


Mayflower Cafe Recipes


What do you think of Mayflower Cafe?

2 Responses to “Mayflower Cafe”

Randy Owens

January 24th, 2012

I was in Jackson recently on a business trip, and I took the opportunity to seek out some local Roadfood fare. I had a hard time deciding, but ended up heading to the Mayflower after getting the nod from some locals on the choice.

Overall, the meal was good and the experience was ‘authentically local’. I’ll have to overlook the seriously decayed condition of downtown Jackson (especially the roads…. front end alignment shops must be making a killing around there!) and say it was worth seeking out. I really wanted the broiled redfish, but since it was lunch, the only broiled fish offering was ‘Mystery Fish’. I’m not quite sure if it was redfish or tilapia, but whatever it was, it was tasty. It came with two side and I picked the fries and the turnip greens. Both sides were well prepared and the whole meal was great!

I finished things off with a slice of the lemon icebox pie. Very large and very tasty! I could have eaten half of it and been happy, but I went for broke and finished it off.

I’m glad I went to the Mayflower. It’s not necessarily as awesome as some of the reviews that have been previously posted, but it was overall a good experience in a very ‘local’ place.


Jeff Binder

March 23rd, 2010

I was in Jackson for a weekend basketball tourney and tried the Mayflower Cafe on the first night. Overall it was very disappointing.

I found the gumbo to be quite bland and short on seafood. My wife had the crab and shrimp salad and she liked it, but I suspect the crab was from a can or had been around for a while. We had the Captains Platter, broiled, and it was terrible. All items were overcooked; chewy scallops and burnt soft-shell crab led the way. All items were sitting in a pool of a separated, un-emulsified vinaigrette. Really pretty disgusting. The homemade fries were cold and anything but crisp.

For a Thursday night the place was packed with locals and it is seemingly a Jackson institution, but it struck out with us on this visit. BTW: there is another local establishment, Que Sera, that had much better gumbo and Cajun seafood items.


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