Greer BBQ and Fine Foods

Review by: Michael Stern


From the road this small café doesn’t look all that interesting. Even the interior is rather plastic, reminiscent of a fast-food franchise. But Greer BBQ And Fine Foods is better than it looks – a singular restaurant with distinctive southern food.

You can smell its goodness early in the morning when slabs of country ham are sizzled to go with eggs or to be sandwiched inside wonderful biscuits. Biscuits are a specialty of the house – wide and golden-topped, with fluffy insides so luscious that your fingers glisten with you tear off a piece. They are available plain, buttered, or wrapped around a variety of breakfast items from eggs and sausage to fried bologna. Those customers in need of big-time calories will want the Barnyard Gravy Biscuit, which is smothered with gravy and accompanied by an egg and bacon.

Fine as breakfast is, don’t feel bad if you arrive at lunchtime. The biscuits are still available, as is fine barbecue – pork, of course; hickory-smoked, naturally – on a sandwich or plate with French fries and/or onion rings. Our goal is to one day stop by Greer at lunch for a bacon-chili cheeseburger (which looks spectacular), and maybe even ask if they’ll serve it on a hot biscuit …

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