Restaurants in Mobile, AL

In the city of Mobile and around Mobile Bay are countless opportunities for restaurants and to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico’s plentiful seafood—broiled, grilled, fried, steamed, stewed, or marinated—and to pack away its justly famous oysters, shucked to order by the dozens and served on the half shell.

Restaurants Mobile AL

Beyond offering maritime meals, the city of Mobile throbs with a deep Dixie character that is emphatically expressed in first-class barbecue and soul food. Every serious eating tour of Mobile needs to visit The Dew Drop Inn, a folksy wood-paneled café that is the city’s oldest eatery and where, it is said, original proprietor George Widney introduced hot dogs to southern Alabama in 1924.

What to eat in Mobile AL

Hot dogs are still the prime attraction, especially for natives who move away and pine for a taste of home. Waitresses tell tales of families from Memphis, Louisville, and even farther north who return like expatriates to a beloved homeland and weep for joy over plates of Dew Drop dogs. Their presentation is what makes them awesome — in toasted buns, topped with sauerkraut, a layer of sweet beefy chili, mustard, ketchup, and a pickle slice.

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Mobile’s Most Famous Dishes

Sauced pulled pork -- some soft, some chewy-edged -- overflow from a bun

Pulled Pork

Scoops of strawberry, pistachio, and vanilla ice cream accompany a slice of 4-layer chocolate cake.

Ice Cream

5 layer cake: 5 flavors, 5 colors


Granola is loaded with nuts, berries, raisins, coconut, etc., etc.


Mobile’s Best Restaurants

Cream & Sugar Cafe


Brick Pit


Wintzell’s Oyster House - West Indies Salad
Wintzell’s Oyster House


A loaded hot dog at The Dew Drop Inn in Mobile, AL
Dew Drop Inn


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