Corned Beef

Sliced for sandwich or dinner plate or hacked into hash, corned beef delivers briny punch. Surrounded by potatoes, carrots, and beets, it is the centerpiece of a classic New England boiled dinner; on rye with mustard, it is the emblematic deli sandwich. As for corned beef hash, the ne plus ultra version is the one served at McBob’s, a Celtic Milwaukee corner tavern that cures and cooks its own. Roadfood’s Buffetbuster described it like this: “All I have to say is WOW! Words fail me just how good this corned beef hash is. It is lean, but not too lean. The corned beef comes in big, well-spiced chunks. And there are also charred crusty parts, which remind me of the burnt ends you find in a good Kansas City barbecue joint. Absolutely spectacular! This is the best corned beef hash I have ever had.”

Restaurants With This Dish

Sunrise Grill




Second Ave. Deli


Thin-sliced, brick-red corned beef is piled ridiculously high between two slices of rye bread
Slyman’s Restaurant


Attman’s Delicatessen | Baltimore’s Corned Beef Row


Chick & Ruth’s Delly - Crab Omelet
Chick & Ruth’s Delly



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