Baked Potato

A traditional square-meal companion for a meaty main course, the baked potato welcomes adornment. Butter is a natural. And sour cream. And cheese. And bacon. And chives. Beyond such traditional customizing is the loaded potato. That’s an oversize cooked baker that is filled with BBQ shredded pork or brisket, and maybe cole slaw and cheese, too: a meal unto itself. A popular variation is known as a twice-baked potato. After it is baked and halved, the insides are scooped out and mixed with cheese, sour cream, bacon, etc. then replaced inside the skin and baked again. At Moishe’s steak house in Montreal, the twice-baked spud is known as the Monte Carlo Potato. At Van’s Pig Stand in Shawnee, Oklahoma, it is called a Vanized Baked Potato.

Restaurants With This Dish

Variety Restaurant | Old-School Cool | Seafood & Steaks


House of Prime Rib


White-sauced BBQ chicken plate
Miss Myra’s Pit Bar-B-Q


Hugely thick strip steak, ready to slice
Jess & Jim’s


Cattlemen’s - Mural


Tea Steak House - Filet Mignon
Tea Steak House



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