Roadfood Adventures: Beulah to Moran Township, Michigan

5 STOPS | 165 MILES | 3 hr 28 min

The northern part of Michigan is known to Michiganders and Midwestern vacationers as “Up North.” It’s a natural wonderland, surrounded by Great Lakes coastline, covered with forests and farms, and dotted with convivial taverns, town cafes, and remote restaurants with ambitious chefs as well as downhome diners and old-time drive-ins. It’s cherry and apple orchard country, where just-picked fruits set the benchmark. And fresh fish from the the great lakes is beyond compare. However you travel through this beautiful land — by car, carriage, canoe, or bicycle — it’s a dreamy place to be


Cherry Hut

The Cherry Hut is a Michigan restaurant serving some of the best cherry pie anywhere-- sweet and a little tart, with flaky crust that adds a savory note.


Cousin Jenny’s

Cousin Jenny’s is a modern Traverse City, Michigan cafeteria that serves old-fashioned (and newfangled) pasties for both breakfast and lunch.


Don’s Drive-In

A pink building with a bright neon sign, Don’s of Traverse City is a big slice of Americana – a burger-&-malt drive-in dating back to 1958.


Friske Orchards

Friske’s Orchard's cafe offers apple brats with kraut and apple relish, a (Michigan) cherry brat, and, of course four-star apple pie.


Gustafson’s Smoked Fish and Beef Jerky

Gustafson’s is a Michigan gas station party store with smoked-on-premises jerky & lake fish, including whitefish, trout, menominee, and chub, all sold to-go.