America’s Byways: Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail

4 STOPS | 119 MILES | 2 hr 23 min

Lake Erie Coastal Drive

Along this drive, you will cover 119 miles in a little under two and a half hours of drive time. Driving from Toledo to Cleveland, we have picked out four favorite local restaurants to eat at along the way.

Toledo and Sandusky

  • Started in 1932, Tony Packo’s has become a well-known restaurant in Toledo, Ohio. They offer good dishes, such as their “Chicken Paprikas” and “Paprikas Dumplings with Gravy.” We advise any newcomer to order the “Hungarian Hot Dog.” Both larger and spicier than your regular hot dog, many toppings are available, including chili and cheese.
  • Located right next to Lake Erie, New Sandusky Fish Company sells fresh fish that is pulled right from the lake. Our favorite dish was the “Yellow Lake Perch Sandwich.” This delicious sandwich is made from perfectly fried fish that was clearly fresh.


  • Slyman’s Restaurant serves what is billed as “the biggest and the best corned beef sandwich” in Cleveland. The “corned beef sandwich” is indeed fantastic. We also loved the “hot pastrami sandwich” and “corned beef hash.” Both sandwiches are made with fantastic, thinly sliced meats.
  • The “pierogies” are the most popular dish in Socolowski’s. This dish consists of pockets filled with cheese and onions cooked until they caramelize. The “kielbasa” is fantastic as well, similar to a sausage, the meat packs a delicious smoky, piggy, spicy flavor.

Tony Packo’s

A national icon, Toledo's Tony Packo's serves Hungarian hot dogs plus chicken paprikas, stuffed cabbage, and dumplings. Atmo is laid-back and comfortable.

Must Eats

New Sandusky Fish Company

New Sandusky fries lake perch fillets with expertise and piles them into a hamburger bun. Take-out only, with nice-weather seats across the street.


Slyman’s Restaurant

Slyman's is a vintage urban deli specializing in gigantic corned beef sandwiches. It is a highlight of the Cleveland, Ohio, Roadfood restaurant scene.



Sokolowski's is a Cleveland Polish cafeteria / tavern serving some of the best Old World food. Pierogi, kielbasa, and halushka are especially notable.