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Have you ever been to a place that makes all of its own pastries, bagels, and eggnog and grinds its own coffee beans? We knew these claims were legitimate when we peered into the kitchen of Sparrow Bakery and saw the staff kneading dough. Located in Bend, Oregon, this cafe has the freshest local ingredients incorporated into every single menu option. With its breakfast and lunch sandwiches, an array of home baked goods, and an out of the ordinary espresso menu, this cafe presented a challenge for us: What to order?

The most popular bakery item, the Ocean Roll, is a unique version of a cinnamon roll. Sweetened with cinnamon and spiced with cardamom, the huge croissant-like pastry tasted like Christmas with a twist. The initial sweet taste from the outside glaze mixes with a strong cardamom taste, making it a unique breakfast alternative.

We also enjoyed a less popular but our personal breakfast favorite: bagel with lox. The medium sized poppy-seed bagel was boiled in house and halved to make room for a balanced bite. Cream cheese spread like butter, smoothly complementing the heaps of thinly sliced smoked salmon. The pickled onion and salty capers combined for the classic lox taste, and could’ve only been better had the bagel been warmed up.

The bacon breakfast sandwich we thought would be a traditional dish, but was crafted to be more modern and new-aged. One large freshly made croissant sandwiched ripe avocado slices, a poached egg, crispy bacon, and a mix of arugula and arugula aioli that made for a delicious out-of-the-box meal. We wished there was more egg, but next time we go we will order a double. We finished our bites with a side of seasonal fruit, consisting of apples, pears, and juicy orange slices.

Brisk mornings call for warm beverages. We indulged on a seasonal specialty egg nog latte and a regular macchiato. The preference for cardamom spice continued into their beverage menu, as the latte was a combination of sweet and spiced – similar to the Ocean Roll. The presentation of the macchiato was adorable. Though strong in flavor and aroma, the tiny beverage had a perfect amount of foam.

Sleek and cozy design of the dining area and a family friendly environment are just a few of the perks of choosing Sparrow Bakery on your way to Crater Lake. This cafe pumps out unique recipes for everything it offers, and everything is clearly made with love and soul.

What to Eat
Sparrow Bakery, Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
Flaky croissant stacked with crisp bacon, soft avocado, poached egg, arugula, and arugula aioli
Sparrow Bakery, Ocean Roll
Ocean Roll
Sparrow's version of a cinnamon roll involves sweet swirls of their favorite holiday spice - cardamom!
Sparrow Bakery, Eggnog Latte
Eggnog Latte
Latte with a holiday twist, made with house eggnog and cardamom spice
Sparrow Bakery, Bagel with Lox
Bagel with Lox
Thinly sliced salmon atop a house-broiled poppy-seed bagel
Sparrow Bakery, Machiato
Espresso with a punch and smooth finish, topped with warm and frothy milk
Directions and Hours
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Sunday7am - 3pm
Monday7am - 5pm
Tuesday7am - 5pm
Wednesday7am - 5pm
Thursday7am - 5pm
Friday7am - 5pm
Saturday7am - 3pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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