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Fantastic burgers and fries at Riverside Grill Shack

To say people of Nashville, TN are lucky would be the understatement of the century. There are many choices when it comes to finding a place to eat in Nashville, but the choice gets harder, because there are so many places to eat. Well, let me put your mind at ease.

The Riverside Grill Shack is the place to go when you are hungry on the Eastside of Nashville. The name might throw you, though. It is not located on the riverside, but on Riverside Drive, which does not run next to the river. The part they did get right was the shack part of the name.

We have been to some small places in our travels, but wow, this place is tiny! There is a sign on the detached covered screened-in dining area, that supports a sign “Luxurious Seating”. When you see it in person, you will understand the joke. Enough about the shack, let’s talk about the real reason to go there for a meal. THE FOOD.

What should I eat at Riverside Grill Shack?

Riverside Grill Shack has a limited menu, and really that is okay. Too many places try to do too many things and the quality suffers. That is not the case here. The menu consists of burgers, salads, wings and fries and not just any regular fries, but Uber Tuber Hand Cut Fries.

The burger is a 1/3 lb. locally raised, grass fed beef, seasoned just right and served with muenster cheese on a grilled bun. All the fixins are available and you can even add bacon for a small upcharge. The wings are well seasoned and meaty, the different styles of sauces make “which one to pick” a real hard decision.

The wedge salads are huge and the bacon and bleu cheese salad was a perfect balance between crunchy and creamy. You can get real Coke in a glass bottle too, but if you want another choice of drink, they have canned Coke products.

There is limited seating, but it is easy to take your meal to go and find a spot by the “river” to eat. One hint: take extra napkins/paper towels, because you will need them.

The shack is open for breakfast Friday through Sunday starting at 8am on Friday and 9am on Saturday and Sunday. They have a wide range of breakfast sandwiches, fried biscuits with some awesome ingredients, and fried cheese grits with triple pepper jack cheese.

This is not “Fine Dining”, however it is mighty full dining at its best. Come hungry and leave happy and full.

*original post by Cajun King*

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