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The best date shake in Palm Springs- Oasis Date Gardens

Dates are to California what key limes are to Florida. And if you’re looking for the best date shake, you have to visit California’s Coachella Valley. There are many places to enjoy one of these sweet concoctions in the Palm Springs/Indio area, but for my money the tastiest is served up at the Oasis Date Gardens, located on Highway 111 about ten miles northwest of Salton Sea. Surrounded by palm orchards with a shaded grassy picnic area on one side, the name says it all.

What should I eat at Oasis Date Gardens

Any true date shake is simplicity in itself. It consists of vanilla ice cream, milk, and dates. That’s it! Oasis Date Garden hits a home run with their version. A scoop of pureed dates (their secret blend) is dropped into a cup of soft-serve ice cream, a bit of milk is added, then the mixture is blended until it straddles the line between liquid and solid. The result is so smooth and thick it comes with a spoon, not a straw.

Rich and creamy is too stereotyped a description of this milk shake. The date medley adds a sweet overtone of honey and cinnamon to the vanilla ice cream. Add a sandwich or a bowl of chili from their lunch counter and you’ll be full the rest of the day.

If the weather is nice enjoy this bit of paradise under the palms at the picnic tables; if not, sit in the air conditioned dining area. Oasis Date Gardens sells more than just delicious shakes. There’s date bread, date cake, date cookies, stuffed dates, rolled dates, and more.

Not only are the king of dates, Medjools, sold here, there are over a half a dozen other varieties to taste. Sampling is encouraged. Any of them can be purchased in bulk. Here’s a tip: stop by a restaurant in the area, such as Gramma’s Country Kitchen in Banning. Check out the display rack holding brochures for the local attractions; you should find one from the Oasis Date Gardens. There will be a coupon for a free date shake with any $5.00 purchase.

Oasis Date Gardens is open every day except Christmas from 9am to 4pm; the lunch counter closes at 3pm. On Thanksgiving and Easter they close early.

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