Crossroads Cafe

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Worth driving from anywhere!

Right outside of Joshua Tree National Park in the town of Joshua Tree, Crossroads Cafe is the top breakfast and brunch spot for locals and tourists alike. It could be because of the likable staff and pleasant service, or maybe it’s the wide range of food offered. Either way, it captured our eyes and by the time we left, Crossroads captured our hearts.

The cafe has few outdoor seating and a deceivingly large indoor area. A large bar wraps around the center, with baristas and waiters busy running around it. The inside has a quirky and cozy feel; the floors match the dark walls and potato sacks wrap almost all of the tables. We were promptly seated and our order was taken within minutes: Fish Tacos, a Chicken Quesadilla, and a Portabella  Mushroom Burger.

Seared Ahi Tuna Tacos have fish that is more medium rare than you might expect, yet are tender and soft enough that doneness is barely an issue. With a bit of cabbage sprinkled on top and a few chunks of soft avocado, the tacos are supported by two corn tortillas. Aioli makes it come together as a memorable taco.

The Chicken Quesadilla is folded over in half and slightly pressed, open enough to let the aroma of cheesy goodness out. With a few veggies mixed in, the dish has plenty of perfectly grilled chicken and its own homemade sauce.

We were most impressed by the The Portabella Mushroom Burger, which is about as good as a burger can get without having any actual meat. Thick, juicy, and warm, served with a grilled and buttered bun and excellent fries, this dish is simply delicious. A peanuty chipotle sauce slathers the cooked mushroom, adding a unique, mouthwatering flavor. Golden brown fries seasoned with sea salt are simply fantastic.

Only hearty meals are served at Crossroads Cafe. Pleasant, casual atmosphere and smiling service complement the breakfast and lunch experience, which is good fuel for any trekking adventure through Joshua Tree National Park.

What to Eat
Crossroads Cafe, Ahi Tuna Tacos
Ahi Tuna Tacos
These seared tacos are some of the best we've ever encountered and we were highly impressed with this small-town establishment.
Crossroads Cafe, Brownie
Baked goods are readily available to be warmed up and enjoyed after any meal.
Crossroads Cafe, Portabello Mushroom Burger
Portabello Mushroom Burger
This Portabello Mushroom burger is juicy and thick, almost better than a real beef burger.
Crossroads Cafe, French Fries
French Fries
Crisp, seasoned fries are great to pair with any meal on this menu.
Crossroads Cafe, Chicken Quesadilla
Chicken Quesadilla
Crisp-edged quesadilla comes with chicken and assorted veggies mixed into a cheesy filling.
Crossroads Cafe, Sautteed Veggies
Sautteed Veggies
Grab a side of sauteed veggies.
Directions and Hours
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Sunday7am - 9pm
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Thursday7am - 9pm
Friday7am - 9pm
Saturday7am - 9pm
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Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
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Outdoor Seating

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