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Review by: Emily Madsen

Only a few minutes off the highway in Grants Pass, Oregon, Ma Mosa’s restaurant does offer what comes to mind when you hear its name. With an extravagant list of mimosas and some of the best brunch you will find on your way up Oregon towards Portland (or going south), it is an especially welcome stop after a night of camping.

The back patio is filled with multicolored picnic tables that you share with other diners you may or may not know. An all-week brunch spot boasting of food that is “local, natural, organic, and non-GMO,” Ma Mosa’s has a daily special; when we visited it was eggs Benedict, an American favorite, here available in different configurations including fish & dill and one featuring brisket.

Ma Mosa’s has a couple of its own breakfast sandwiches, one of which is composed of a biscuit topped with an egg, sun-dried tomato, havarti, arugula, and house-made aioli. There is a good array of hot sauces for those who can’t eat savory breakfast without it.

For people who love the basics, the two-eggs breakfast is just as good as any of the more whimsical dishes offered. With crisp bacon, soft but not too soft home fries, toast (or fruit if you choose), and eggs cooked to your liking, it won’t disappoint any eater. Be sure to try the homemade ketchup and jam, too; both are full of flavor. Everything this kitchen offers is from scratch.

There aren’t many eating options off of I-5 beyond familiar fast-food franchises, which makes Ma Mosa’s a welcome stop. It is a good place to get out of the car, stretch your legs, and have a nice brunch or lunch. (Note: Ma Mosa’s is closed Monday and Tuesday.)

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