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Review by: mayor al

Lambert’s Cafe is a big, busy, place. We suggest planning to arrive at off-peak hours to avoid lengthy waits for tables, even though the lines do move swiftly. We recently stopped twice for early lunches, one time on Friday, the second the following Sunday. Friday the place was half empty, Sunday at the same time it was near-full, but no wait for seating at 11:00am. Later in the day, tour buses tend to fill the place frequently.

For our four meals over the two stops, we enjoyed chicken livers, catfish filets, chicken fried steak and pork chops. They serve side dishes with the entree, and several items called ‘pass-arounds” that staff bring around to your table offering as additional ‘sides’–fresh rolls with sorgum and apple butter, okra, fried potato and onions, beets and other stuff. Sides range from salads to hot veggies to stuffing and gravy.

Everything was fresh from the kitchen, hot and crisp and we enjoyed both meals very much. The two mid-day meals with beverage, tax and tip cost thirty dollars per day, which we considered very reasonable.

We had been prepared for more HYPE than good food… but Lambert’s turned out to be a very pleasant experience for us.

NOTE: Lambert’s does NOT accept credit cards, but will accept checks for payment.

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