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Nestled in the historic California city of Eureka on the walk down to the water is Cafe Waterfront. Window seating that looks out onto the marina and ocean bay makes the seafood experience all the better.

The set menu includes fish as well as chicken, pork, steak, and a full roster of lunchtime sandwiches; and there is a large specials board listing what was caught that day – most of it locally sourced. Along with any entree come soup or salad and freshly baked bread with homemade sun-dried tomato butter. The clam chowder and spicy shrimp bisque we sampled were great warm-ups on a chilly coastline evening. The house salad gets extra pizazz in the form of various beans and vegetables on top.

One night’s halibut special is mouth-watering, the fish perfectly charred with grill lines burned into its outer layer. It comes topped with spices and garlic and accompanied by brown rice and sauteed spinach with mushrooms and garlic. I may never have had a more satisfying meal.

Another special is billed as spicy seafood stew. When Cafe Waterfront says spicy, it’s not kidding. In fact, the waitress asks customers just exactly how hot they want it. A medley of shrimp, crab, clams, and fish are flooded in spicy red sauce, reminding me of Manhattan clam chowder but with more heat and more body. I devoured the entire bowl and would recommend it to anyone who loves seafood and the bite of heat.

Cafe Waterfront also serves breakfast year round, offering such West Coast specialties as hangtown fry and a Joe’s special. There even is a bed-and-breakfast option, with two rooms offered for rent. This quaint all-day restaurant is a great stop for any meal and a wonderful way to experience the beauty of Eureka, California.


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