Hot Lobster Roll

While the typical hot lobster roll comes with its meat already sopped with melted butter, the Maine Diner's version is even simpler than that: plain, warm lobster piled into a toasted bun, presented with a cup of drawn butter on the side. The Maine Diner's late Dick Henry once explained, "We found that if we served the meat already buttered, the bun fell apart." So it is eater's choice: either pour the butter all over the sandwich, risking bun disintegration, or simply pick chunks of meat and shreds of toasted bread from the plate and dip them in the cup of butter as you go. While not essential, New England split-top hot dog rolls with flat surfaces on each side are the best kind of bun because they are made to be grilled … in butter, of course!

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 1 Serving
  • Split top hot dog roll
  • Butter for grilling the roll
  • 4-6 oz warm lobster meat in bite-size pieces
  • Hot melted butter
  • Grill the roll in butter on both sides until the outside is crisp and light brown.
  • Fill the roll with lobster meat and serve it with a ramekin of melted butter on the side.


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