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Williamsville’s Most Famous Dishes

Thin-sliced roast beef is piled into a bun that is plastered with caraway seeds and coarse salt

Beef On Weck

Broad basket holds sauce-brushed chicken wings along with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks ... must-eat Buffalo honor roll


Sweet potato fry dips into a ramekin of Marshmallow Fluff

Sweet Potato Fries

Disposable partitioned plate holds turkey with dressing under gravy, a yam, green beans, cranberry sauce, and a baked yam

Turkey Dinner

Williamsville’s Best Restaurants

Charlie the Butcher


Glen Park Tavern | Buffalo Beef on Weck & Wings


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Thin-sliced rare roast beef is piled into a roll spangled with coarse salt and caraway seeds

Buffalo New York

Even if you have eaten the great roast beef sandwiches served at Al's #1 Italian Beef in Chicago, Mother's in New Orleans, and Philippe the Original in Los Angeles,...

LDR Char Pit - Steak Sandwich

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Randy's donuts exterior view

First Stop: 25 Great Roadfood Eateries Near Airports

Airport Food Food in airports is better than it used to be, but when we arrive by plane, we can't get out of the terminal fast enough. By rental car,...

Roast Beef Sandwich

Every deli serves a roast beef sandwich, but a handful of U.S. restaurants make roast beef sandwiches that go beyond mere lunch meat on bread. The most memorable are...

Schwabl's - Beef on Weck

Buffalo Roast Beef on Weck | Roadfood Bests

From the German word "kummel," meaning caraway seed, and weck, meaning roll, a kummelweck, or simply "weck,"resembles a Kaiser roll. But bakers crown it with a mantle of seeds...

Great Williamsville Recipes

Kelly’s Roast Beef - Large Roast Beef Sandwich

Beef on Weck


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