America’s Byways: Great Lakes Seaway Trail

11 STOPS | 279 MILES | 5 hr 30 min

Watertown to Niagara Falls

This tour will take you on a five and a half hour drive along America’s Great Lakes Seaway Trail. Beginning in Watertown, you will end your tour by Niagara Falls. Along the way, we have picked 11 excellent restaurants and candy shops to fill your journey and your stomachs.


  • Crystal Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in all of Watertown. Meals include ham steak, accompanied by a boiled potato, as well as club sandwiches. Breakfasts include an assortment of eggs, bacon and toast. A full bar occupies one wall of the restaurant that offers a large array of drinks to customers.


  • The dogs served at Don’s Original are referred to as white hots and red hots. A white hot is an all-pork tube steak topped with mustard and diced onions. A red hot is closer to a traditional hot dog, made from a firmer weenie. Red hots are classically dressed with finely ground chili.
  • Steak sandwiches at LDR Char Pit are not made from your ordinary shaved beef. The Char Pit uses a single slice of beef that is cut less than one centimeter thick. We always ask for ours to be cooked rare, 30 seconds on each side, and the chef has never missed the mark. No condiments are needed for this sandwich, the flavorful meat speaks for itself.
  • Nick Tahou Hots was made famous for their garbage plates. Patrons choose a base, options are Texas hot wieners, hamburgers, Italian sausage, steak or grilled cheese sandwiches. Then baked beans, fried potatoes, macaroni salad, spicy chili sauce, mustard and chopped raw onions are piled on top. The result is a deliciously messy plate of food.

Buffalo to Niagara Falls Area

  • Alethea’s is one of the best candy shops in America’s top candy city. Their dark chocolate is easily the darkest we have ever had. Homemade marshmallows are used as a topping to great ice cream or are wrapped in chocolate, coconuts and cashews to create a “Charlie Chaplin.”
  • Originally a horse-drawn hot dog cart in the 1920s, Ted’s Hot Dogs serves a fantastic frank. Cooked over a charcoal grill, the dogs acquire a strong smoky flavor. Ted’s homemade hot sauce is a great condiment for any style of dog.
  • “Beef on weck” is the most notable dish served at Charlie the Butcher. Made from thinly sliced slow roasted beef piled onto a hard roll, the top half of which is dipped into beef juice, this is an excellent sandwich.
  • Another restaurant that serves excellent “beef on weck” is Schwabl’s. The rolls are hard and covered in grains, salt and seeds. The interior remains fluffy but strong enough to hold its shape after being dipped in beef gravy. With superb, thinly sliced, beef at its center, the beef on weck at Schwabl’s is unbelievably good.
  • The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, allegedly invented the Buffalo chicken wing in 1964 while making chicken stock. The secret for their wings today is that they fry them instead of baking. This gives them a crunchy outer shell while the meat inside is moist and tender.
  • Located in the northwestern part of New York, Anderson’s Frozen Custard uses a higher egg content then most when creating their ice cream. Offering the classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and swirl year round, they also have a flavor of the day and seasonal flavors.
  • Baked fresh every morning, DiCamillo’s Bakery offers a variety of baked goods. Some of which are cinnamon rolls, donuts, cookies and loaves of bread. They also have pizzas sold in square slices.

Crystal Restaurant

Watertown's oldest restaurant has a wonderfully fuddy-duddy meat-and-potatoes menu as well as a full bar serving what are billed as "all legal beverages."


Don’s Original

Don's Original at Sea Breeze Amusement Park is the place to taste Western New York's favorite hot dogs: red hots (aka Texas hots), white hots and chili dogs.

Must Eats
White Hot , Chili Dog

LDR Char Pit

Rochester, New York. Thin-cut steak is cooked 30 seconds on each side. The result: a seasoned, lean, utterly delicious steak sandwich that belies its low cost.


Nick Tahou Hots

Nick Tahou is a Rochester, New York legend for its "garbage plate" -- the best sort of kitchen-sink meal that will challenge the most voracious appetite.



Buffalo's best chocolatier, Alethea's also is a great ice cream parlor with an array of homemade toppings, fresh whipped cream, and crisp nuts to top sundaes.


Ted’s Hot Dogs

Ted's is a Buffalo, New York, treasure, its charcoal-grilled hot dogs with hot sauce, a side of O-rings, and a loganberry a great American meal.


Charlie the Butcher

Charlie the Butcher serves Buffalo's unique beef on weck sandwich at its best, plus a wide variety of excellent butcher-block specialties.



Schwabl's is a tavern restaurant that serves that great Buffalo specialty, beef on weck, at its best. It just might be America's #1 roast beef sandwich.


Anchor Bar

The original home of the Buffalo chicken wing, the Anchor Bar is an essential stop on any foodie eating tour of the Nickel City.


Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Year-around, Anderson's serves superb custard that is soft and creamy and rich. No indoor seating at this location in Buffalo.

Must Eats

DiCamillo’s Bakery

There's nothing like the smell of bread baking; you'll get a snootful if you come to DiCamillo's in Niagara Falls early in the morning. Excellent donuts, too.

Must Eats