Restaurants in Rome, NY

Roadfood correspondent Billyboy put it like this: “If you like red-sauce Italian food, Rome, New York, is a city for you. It’s replete with places to get fine pasta, meats, and homemade red sauce.” Billyboy also pointed out a unique specialty of Rome known as chicken riggies, a dish so popular around Rome and Utica that there’s an annual Riggiefest. Riggies is rigatoni and chicken topped with peppers, mushrooms, onions, and olives with a creamy wine/tomato sauce. Hot cherry peppers are an option.

Rome’s Most Famous Dishes

Fresh pastas, ready to boil


Flaky square pastry with a sugar glaze an dark red guava filling


Crisp-crusted fried chicken cutlet is blanketed with cheese and spicy red sauce at Mike's Kitchen in Cranston, RI

Chicken Parmesan

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting ... all butter all the time

Chocolate Dishes

Rome’s Best Restaurants

Big Daddy Sandwiches


Vescio’s Franklin Hotel


Teddy’s Restaurant


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