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Roadfood correspondent Billyboy put it like this: “If you like red-sauce Italian food, Rome, New York, is a city for you. It’s replete with places to get fine pasta, meats, and homemade red sauce.” Billyboy also pointed out a unique specialty of Rome known as chicken riggies, a dish so popular around Rome and Utica that there’s an annual Riggiefest. Riggies is rigatoni and chicken topped with peppers, mushrooms, onions, and olives with a creamy wine/tomato sauce. Hot cherry peppers are an option.

Rome’s Most Famous Dishes

Flaky square pastry with a sugar glaze an dark red guava filling


Fresh pastas, ready to boil


Chocolate Dishes

Children's dessert: upside-down ice cream cones with faces on the scoops of ice cream


Rome’s Best Restaurants

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