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It is good to wake up early in Sedona, Arizona, for that is when the sun’s first rays make the monumental rock formations around the city glow magic red. It is also when you can eat very, very well. Choice dishes include gigantic cinnamon rolls at the Red Rock Cafe, ricotta pancakes at Casa Sedona, healthful grains-and-greens bowls and smoothies at Indian Gardens Oak Creek Market, and, up north in Flagstaff, Swedish pancakes at Brandy’s Restaurant and Bakery.  When visiting Indian Gardens Oak Creek Market, bread lovers need to pick up a loaf or two of house-baked sourdough bread. It is heavy and dense, requiring a sharp knife or good dentition to detach a piece from the loaf, rewarding a substantial chew with powerful yeast-and-sour flavor. Accompany that with the Market’s fresh-pressed apple cider, and you have a car snack to remember.

Sedona’s Most Famous Dishes

Turnip greens wallow in porky pot likker


Rugged-crusted loaf of sourdough bread is chock-a-block with salty olives

Sourdough Bread

Bright green smoothie includes spinach and bee pollen.


Cup filled with dark red beet-apple-ginger juice

Juice / Beverages

Sedona’s Best Restaurants

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