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Roadfood with Misha Collins- Behind the scenes: Chicago

Check out this quick behind the scenes video our Cinematographer, Alex. Here he shares a map of Chicago as he and the crew get stuck in the middle of the Chicago marathon. He and Sergio, our Assistant Cameraman, strategize a way out of this trap so they can bring you more episodes of Roadfood! Alex explains where the crew is and where they need to be, which is right in the middle of two street swarmed by runners and spectators of the marathon.

Visiting and tasting foods that Chicago has to offer is always a good idea, but maybe better planning next time might help!  This funny little behind the scenes clip is a reminder that when you travel and try to shoot a television show, you might run into a few snafus along the way.

If you are in town here are some Roadfood Bests that we have identified for you so you can spend less time searching for the perfect foods and more time eating them!


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One Response to “Roadfood with Misha Collins- Behind the scenes”


January 3rd, 2022

“We’re trapped” is a pretty fair assessment for me whenever I visit Chicago! 🙂



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