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Corbin, Kentucky, in Appalachia’s Cumberland Plateau has a wide range of interesting eats, from the Root Beer Stand car-hop drive-in where the specialty is chili dogs and chili buns accompanied by frosted mugs of root beer to You and Me and Coffee and Tea, which offers worldly coffee and sophisticated variations of rustic fare. Corbin also is home to the original KFC, called Sanders Cafe, and to the personality-plus Smokey Bear’s BBQ, where the law-enforcement theme features such menu items as the Prosecutor Burger and the Prison Yard Salad, and where side dishes are titled “side arms and appitasers.” BBQ pork is great on a plate, in a bun, or piled up on tater tots and called a Pigtator.

Corbin’s Most Famous Dishes

Hot dog topped with beefy chili ... beer billiards and burgers

Chili Dogs

Styrofoam container holds hot dog bun filled with chili, onions, and mustard ... but no hot dog

Chili Bun

A frosty mug set on a boomerang-formica table holds effervescent root beer. ... car hop service

Root Beer

Finely chopped pork and cole slaw piled in a bun

Barbecue Sandwich

Corbin’s Best Restaurants

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