Restaurants in Bisbee, AZ

Southern Arizona is a wonderland of unearthly natural beauty and is rich with frontier history. In the old mining town of Bisbee, which, starting in the mid-20th century, became a destination for artists, hippies, and counter-culture people of every stripe, hungry travelers will find a bounty of unique culinary opportunities. These include the Bisbee Breakfast Club, Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters, and a polymorphous enterprise known as High Desert Market and Cafe. A restaurant, coffee-smoothie bar, grocery store, crafts gallery, cosmetics emporium, wine & beer shop, and town gathering place, its eclectic dining repertoire ranges from artisan pizza to pad Thai to freshly-baked pastries every morning and a line-up of cakes and pies dished out in giant-size portions.

Bisbee’s Most Famous Dishes

Coconut shreds are threaded throughout this pillowy wedge of pie

Coconut Cream Pie

Cup filled with dark red beet-apple-ginger juice

Juice / Beverages

Rough-hewn corned beef hash contains big hunks of potato

Corned Beef Hash

Five different little bite-size cookies on a shelf at Byrd's of Savannah


Bisbee’s Best Restaurants

Bisbee Breakfast Club


Old Bisbee Roasters


High Desert Market and Cafe


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