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We’re not going to rhapsodize about the culinary character of Easton, Pennsylvania, other than to mention that it hosts a garlic festival in October. But we do have a couple of favorite spots for those passing through. And we do mean passing through, because neither has any seats. First is Jimmy’s Hot Dogs, a hole in the wall that offers them steamed and dressed with mustard, chopped raw onions, and a dill pickle spear. They’re small; a quartet of them, presented in a paper bag maybe with some chips (the only other thing on the menu) makes a nice lunch. For something sweet, check out the Carmelcorn Shop, a store on the square that sells it utterly fresh. It’s light stuff, more corn than candy. Also on the menu are peanuts and a house specialty, dark-roasted peanuts with serious crunch.

Easton’s Most Famous Dishes

Sweet corn with pepper spice


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