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Our team of writers and contributors is the driving force behind Roadfood. They have gone to restaurants new and old, searching for the best roadside food in America.

The people below are the creative and culinary minds that have made Roadfood the review hub it is today. Many have tried more restaurants than they could count, both good and bad, and compiled the best of the best to populate the website you see now. Roadfood began as a two person team that drove from state to state until their car broke down, stopping at restaurants along the way. Sometimes more than ten in one day! It has now grown to include contributors from across the states, all working towards the same goal; to find the best roadside food in America!

Writers / Contributors

Jane Stern

Oyster Bar - Michael

Michael Stern

Jess Dawson

Lori Rice

Maggie & Trevor

Cliff Strutz

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