Wisconsin Pie Primer

5 STOPS | 491 MILES | 8 hr 37 min

In the Dairy State, great cream pies are a given. Abundant cherry and apple trees mean outstanding fruit pies as well. In short, Wisconsin is pie paradise, home of what might be the best apple pie anywhere, at The Elegant Farmer, which bakes it in a paper bag, as well as of memorable cherry pie to round out a spectacular Door County fish boil dinner, at the White Gull Inn. Our roster of five leading purveyors also includes the piecentric Stockholm Pie Company (for savory as well as sweet), dazzling fruit-of-the-forest pie in a Christian shrine (the Holy Hill Cafe), plus the not-quite-pie dessert so popular after grilled brats in and around Sheboygan — a cream torte at the Charcoal Inn.


Stockholm Pie Company

Wisconsin Pie Paradise! A dozen fruit and cream pies are available every day by the slice or whole. Pre-dessert, there are savory pies as well as sandwiches.


Elegant Farmer

Wisconsin's Elegant Farmer bakes its apple pies in paper bags. The result is what many consider to be the best pie in the Midwest. Certainly, the best crust.


Holy Hill Cafe

North of Milwaukee, Holy Hill Cafe serves homemade soups, breads, wallet-friendly sandwiches & hearty breakfast. Divine pies baked daily.


Charcoal Inn

The famous Sheboygan, Wisconsin brat(wurst) is best at the Charcoal Inn, where sandwiches ooze a delectable blend of fire-cooked meat juice & melted butter.


White Gull Inn

The Door County, Wisconsin fish boil -- whitefish and red potatoes followed by cherry pie -- is at its best at the White Gull Inn restaurant in Fish Creek.