Rhode Island Snail Salad

4 STOPS | 37 MILES | 57 min

Snail salad is ubiquitous in the Ocean State. It is on Italian menus, seafood menus, and chicken dinner hall menus, a spotlight hors d’oeuvre at waterside picnic shacks as well as on linen tablecloths in fine dining rooms. Not a garden snail, the creature in question is a sea snail, what south Floridians might recognize as conch – a pretty mollusk in a spiral shell. It is boiled, its meat extracted and sliced thin, then mixed with olives, celery, onion and spice and sopped in a marinade that is bright and usually quite garlicky. Snail salad almost always is served as an hors d’oeuvre to be shared by all at the table, family-style.



In the heart of Federal Hill in Providence, Andino's is a traditional Italian-American restaurant serving good pasta and the Rhode Island favorite snail salad.


Mike’s Kitchen

Inconspicuously located in a VFW hall, Mike's Kitchen is a great seafood restaurant with a Rhode Island / Italian accent.


Iggy’s of Narragansett

Iggy's doughboy is a hot puff of fried dough straight from the kettle blanketed all around with a thick coat of crunchy sugar. A Rhode Island treat!


Champlin’s Seafood Deck

Fried clams are good at Champlin's at Galilee Harbor in Narragansett; fried flounder is even better. And do try the Rhode Island specialty snail salad!