Northeast Pizza Throwdown

7 STOPS | 224 MILES | 5 hr 33 min

East Coast Pizza Showdown

Connecticut, New York and New Jersey all can lay claim to the best pizza in America, maybe in the world. We want you to be the judge. Take this 224 mile long tri-state tour of cream of the crop pizzerias in each state and decide for yourself which location has the best pizza in America.


  • The coal-burning oven at Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, Connecticut, never fails to turn out authentic tomato pies, just like the day it was opened by Frank Pepe in 1925.
  • Despite a variety of pizzas being sold at Roseland Apizza there is no way to order incorrectly. Weather you get a classic sausage and mozzarella pie or a shrimp casino, which comes topped with bacon, mozzarella, fresh garlic and jumbo shrimp, you will receive a fantastic pie.
  • Cooking their pizzas in an oven that heats to over 700 degrees, Modern Apizza is in contention for the best pizza on earth. Offering a regional favorite known as white clam pizza and tons of other options, these pizzas come out hot. So hot in fact, that there is a disclaimer on the menu to alert customers that some of the crust may be blackened. This posed no problems for us.

New York

  • Pies here are pulled from the oven with bare hands, this allows workers to test the doneness of each pies crust. Every pie sold at Di Fara Pizza is made with care, fresh Parmesan is spread by hand and basil is cut from the stem directly onto the pizza. Loyalists consider this humble but hugely popular eatery to sell the best pizza on earth.
  • John’s Pizzeria is so representative of a classic New York pizza restaurant that we witnessed a group of tourists walking in the front door, around the tables and back out the front without ordering anything! We hope when you go you do not make this mistake because the pizza offered at John’s is some of the best in New York.

New Jersey

  • Serving extremely thin and crisp crusted pies, De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies in the suburbs of Robbinsville, New Jersey, has excellent pizzas and salads. Expect to wait for a table at this restaurant, it is always busy.
  • After moving to the boardwalk from its original location in the city, Maruca’s Tomato Pies has not altered their practice one bit. Serving giant slices of tomato pies, with a vibrant red spiral of tomato sauce, Maruca’s pies make any drive worth it.

Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana

The granddaddy of New Haven pizzerias, Pepe's is best known for its coal oven's chewy, full-flavored thin crust. And for superb, simple white clam pies.


Roseland Apizza

Roseland is a family-run restaurant in Derby, Connecticut, famous for huge portions of Italian-American food, including superb New Haven-style pizza.


Modern Apizza

Modern is one of New Haven's great pizzerias, its coal-fired oven turning out pies with chewy, full-flavored crust & first-rate toppings. Try the Italian Bomb!


Di Fara Pizza

There's always a long wait at Di Fara, where thin-crust pizza is made with imported mozzarella & daily-made sauce. Fans consider it the best on earth.

Must Eats

John’s Pizzeria

Cooked in a vintage coal-fired oven, John's pizza has a perfect chewy-crunchy crust. It's a New York City Greenwich Village landmark.

Must Eats

De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies

Some of the best pizza anywhere is made in New Jersey at De Lorenzo's, where the crust is thin and crisp and the toppings are perfectly balanced.


Maruca’s Tomato Pies

A Seaside, New Jersey, boardwalk legend, Maruca's is known for pizza made with a hypnotic spiral of unctuous cheese and red sauce.

Must Eats