Milwaukee Fish Fries

5 STOPS | 39 MILES | 1 hr 7 min

The Friday night fish fry is so popular in Milwaukee that it is rare to find a restaurant that does not have one. From Benji’s Deli to the Bya Wi Se Nek Buffet in the Potawatomie Bingo Casino, you can count on fried fish with all the fixins. Here are some of our favorite places to indulge.



McBob's is a cheerful Milwaukee tavern / restaurant with a great Friday fish fry and some of the best corned beef (and corned beef hash) anywhere.



Polish food at its best in Milwaukee: From homey chicken noodle soup to pierogi to elegant crepes, a meal at Polonez is is a memorable experience.


Jack Pandl’s Whitefish Bay Inn

Pandl's menu is large, including wonderful whitefish, walleye & steaks; the highlight is a baked German pancake. For dessert: schaum torte. A Milwaukee best!


Klinger’s East

Klinger's East is a Milwaukee restaurant / bar known for its fish fry of cod or smelt, accompanied by a short stack of silver-dollar-size potato pancakes.


Serb Hall

Milwaukee Wisconsin's Serb Hall is the largest fish fry on earth: an eating stadium restaurant serving Friday-only cod or perch with all the trimmin's.