Local Authentic Eats from Las Vegas to Palm Springs

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Road Trip Overview

This 5.5 hour road trip will take you over a total of 312 miles from the chaotic fast paced streets of Las Vegas to the relaxed town of Palm Springs just next to Joshua Tree National Park. With 3 fantastic restaurants in Las Vegas and another 5 in and around Palm Springs, this food filled drive will take you down scenic Route 66 and passed Red Rock Canyon and the Mojave National Preserve.  With so many fast food and chain options, we hope this guide will help steer you to the best local, authentic eats on the road trip from Las Vegas to Palm Springs.

Las Vegas Eats

Las Vegas is the perfect gateway city from which to explore the vast and beautiful California Desert. But first, a visit to Roadfood’s favorite under-the-radar places in Sin City where the locals eat, on and off the strip.

  • Weather you’re hungover or just flat out hungry, the panko-crusted fried deviled eggs at Eat are simply the best we have had. No question about it.
  • It doesn’t matter if your order the “cold brown”, “fluff ‘n nut” or a slice of their apple pie, everything served at The Goodwich is unbelievably good.
  • Located across the interstate from the Las Vegas Strip, The Oyster Bar always seems to have a line, forcing us to wait to belly up to the bar. We blame the impeccable food.

Along the Route

In order to make it from Las Vegas to Palm Springs you’ll have to take a lengthy drive down gorgeous Route 66. With many scenic stops along the way, the most notable ones we found were Red Rock Canyon and the Mojave National Preserve. Both offer beautiful views and rock formations that are worth the detour.

Through Palm Springs on to Joshua Tree

Beginning with a quick stop to the west, this next set of restaurants will help you eat your way through Palm Springs before sending you on your way to Joshua Tree National Park.

  • Jack cheese is melted onto the tortilla prior to assembling the “giant taco”, the meat, onions, cilantro, salsa and guacamole are all an added bonus at Crazy Coyote Tacos.
  • Felipe’s makes everything from scratch, tortilla chips included. Serving three meals a day, there is no reason you shouldn’t go. Their fish and shrimp tacos and the shrimp stuffed enchiladas were the most memorable dishes we tried.
  • Serving excellent milk shakes, weenies and an 18 ounce hamburger, made with three beef patties, bacon, three cheeses, sauce and condiments, called “The Hulk”, Tony’s Burgers is a necessary stop after Palm Springs.
  • With date batter, date butter, date milk shakes and date ice cream, Shields Date Gardens is one of a kind. Their tacos and nachos are also perfect for a lunch time stop (no dates in these dishes).
  • After visiting Mimmo’s multiple times we couldn’t pick one specific dish to recommend. Most notable are silky gnocchi, anything that uses house-baked bread, or any of their seafood dishes. The tiramisu, made with chocolate sponge cake, was an amazing dessert.


Eat is an inventive café in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas serving breakfast comfort classics reinvented by an ambitious chef.


The Goodwich

The Goodwich does classic American sandwiches, but its own way. Familiar concepts are given smart twists; perfect execution make the food altogether new.


The Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar is often said to be Las Vegas' best 24-hour restaurant. It might be the best all-night seafood place anywhere.


Crazy Coyote Tacos

Crazy Coyote Tacos shouldn't be missed by anyone passing through; for those who crave the burn of hot chilies, the salsas are worth a special trip.



Felipe's is a modest storefront restaurant serving some of the best Mexican food in Palm Springs. Margaritas are great; dessert mustn't be missed.


Tony’s Burgers

Spectacular mile-high hamburgers dressed and loaded every which way make Tony's a Cathedral City destination for adventurous eaters in search of extremes.


Shields Date Gardens

Located by a grove of stately California palm trees, Shields sells luxurious date shakes and has a cafe serving excellent Mexican-accented food.


Mimmo’s Italian Restaurant and Bar

Masterful Italian meals make Mimmo's a Palm Desert hidden gem, from bruschetta thru pastas & seafood to unforgettable tiramisu and mascarpone cheesecake.