Knoxville Spree

29 MILES | 46 min | by Michael Stern

A delicious day in Knoxville must begin in the Old City at Olibea, a cutting edge cafe where the biscuits are fallapart fragile and the breakfast meat of choice is house-cured pork belly. It’s on to Litton’s for Thunder Road burgers and Italian cream cake, then sensational soul food at Chandler’s Deli, and a late-night BBQ blow-out at Sweet P’s Barbecue & Soul House.



In Knoxville's edgy Old City, OliBea restaurant makes memorable breakfast from paradigmatic biscuits to pork cheek tacos. All fresh, all local, all delicious.



Litton's hamburgers range from minimal beef patties to a Thunder Road burger with pimiento cheese, onions & hot peppers, Dessert: good pie & Italian cream cake.

Must Eats
Burger Platter

Chandler’s Deli

Chandler's Deli is a soul food cafeteria restaurant that serves some of the best BBQ, fried chicken, and classic southern side dishes in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Sweet P’s Barbecue and Soul House

A well-calculated BBQ restaurant where blues music sets the beat, Sweet P's serves traditional meats and side dishes in entertaining dive surroundings.