Hunting Huckleberries

6 STOPS | 1289 MILES | 20 hr 1 min

A favorite snack among grizzly bears as well as humans, huckleberries grow in the high mountains of the Great Plains and ripen in late summer. They are similar to blueberries, but not quite as sweet, their wine-purple color hinting at a depth of flavor more satisfying than the richest chocolate. As a topping for ice cream, at the soda fountain of Cole’s Drug Store, they add a devilish darkness; and they are the greatest of pie fillings at the Pie Hut of Idaho’s panhandle. The northwest chain Burgerville makes wicked-good huckleberry shakes early in the fall, as does Stella’s of Billings, Montana. At Bobkat’s Purple Pie Place, huckleberry ice cream stars. Dish on Lake Pend Oreille even offers seasonal huckleberry mojitos.


Bobkat’s Purple Pie Place

Pie's the thing here in Custer, South Dakota (bumbleberry and rhubarb are especially good); and there's a pre-pie menu of sandwiches, soup, chili and BBQ.

Must Eats
Bumbleberry Pie , Rhubarb Pie


Everything is large at Stella's, a Billings, Montana, bakery restaurant where one cinnamon roll fills a plate and pancakes are known as "monster pancakes."


Cole Drug

The Cole Drug challenge is the Big Timber sundae: 9 scoops of ice cream plus sauces, whipped cream, and nuts. Huckleberry sundaes, too.


Pie Hut

In Idaho's panhandle, the Pie Hut is a charming little restaurant that offers blue-ribbon cream & fruit pies, savory chicken pot pie, and beguiling sandwiches.



Waterside grill and fine-dining restaurant, Dish is an Idaho Panhandle foodie destination. Bests: smashed potatoes, bacon, and anything with huckleberries.



Burgerville is a Northwest chain restaurant using local ingredients and doing everything green. Yay. We like it for excellent burgers and seasonal milk shakes.