Hash Tour of South Carolina

7 STOPS | | 1 min

Hash (on rice) is the star side-dish at barbecue parlors throughout South Carolina. A byproduct of whole-hog cookery, but frequently also made with beef, it can vary from soup-loose to stew-chunky. It delivers intense barbecue flavor, but beyond that dreamy duet of meat and smoke, it can vary from relish-sweet to savagely peppery. True Barbecue of Columbia claims to serve the world’s best, which is a boast we wouldn’t debate; but the great cauldrons of hash made at Hite’s Bar-B-Que and the Red Shed Diner & Produce (weekends only) belong in the Pantheon, too. Freeman’s BBQ version is butter-rich; the hash at Maurice’s Piggy Park is dramatically smoky; it’s a swirl of complex flavor at Marina Variety Store in Charleston, and butcher’s-block fresh at Dave’s Grill & Grocery.


True BBQ

One of the best South Carolina Midlands BBQs, True offers smoky pork gilded with Pretty Lady or Sexy Lady sauce, served by a friendly, mission-conscious staff.


Maurice’s Piggy Park

Righteous Midlands barbecue includes pit-cooked pork with mustard sauce, hash on rice, a full roster of vegetables, and banana pudding for dessert.


Hite’s Bar-B-Que

Whole hog and nothing but the hog! Hite's is a legend for weekend-only traditional and utterly delicious South Carolina BBQ. Everything is take-out.


Freeman’s Bar-B-Q

A third-generation BBQ serving superb South Carolina-style 'cue, Freeman's has ribs, chopped or sliced pork, and chicken -- all with wickedly flavorful sauce.


Dave’s Grill & Grocery

Dave's is a rural grocery / gas station / cafe / butcher serving exemplary burgers & fries, meat-and-3, and breakfast sandwiches with house-made sausage.


Marina Variety Store

Marina Variety Store is a quality seafood restaurant, a brash diner, & a locals' favorite. Dine with a view of Charleston's Yacht Basin beyond the marshes.