Delicious Day in Tulsa

5 STOPS | 22 MILES | 39 min

Yes, Tulsa. While not a culinary lodestar on the level of New Orleans or Santa Fe, T-Town is a Roadfood bonanza. Breakfast on elegant pain perdu or house-made granola at Queenie’s, then let out your belt and tackle a stupendous Big Okie burger at Hank’s and/or a Frito Pie at Ike’s Chili House. For barbecue, Wilson’s is hard to beat (“You Need No Teeth to Eat Our Beef”); and if you’ve had your fill of red meat, rejoice in the fact that Tulsa just happens to boast one of the best seafood eateries in the Southwest: the White River Fish Market (whole fried flounder with hushpuppies, please).



Cafe, bakery, tea room: Queenie's is a charming little Tulsa, Oklahoma restaurant with fine pastries, hearty breakfast, and a roster of salads & sandwiches.

Must Eats

Hank’s Hamburgers

Hank's hash-house hamburgers are good and greasy, a Tulsa best. Also on the menu: Frito chili pie, corn dogs and chocolate-covered peanut butter bon bons.


Ike’s Chili House

Ike's is an early 20th century urban chili parlor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eats are cheap and cross-counter attitude is served in abundance.


Wilson’s BBQ

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** "U Need No Teeth to Eat Our Beef" is a Wilson's motto. Tender BBQ with flavor that is hugely beefy, well-salted and fatty: a destination Tulsa restaurant.

Must Eats

White River Fish Market

A fish market and semi-cafeteria restaurant, White River is a Roadfood gem in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Have it your way: fried, broiled, grilled or raw (oysters).