Delectable Des Moines

6 STOPS | 16 MILES | 39 min

Even if you are not in town for the annual Iowa State Fair, which offers days worth of good food, Des Moines is a city of eating opportunities far more colorful than suggested by its old nickname, “Hartford of the West.” After coffee and a mighty cinnamon roll at Java Joe’s Coffee House, a visit to B&B Grocery or to Mr. Bibb’s provides a memorable taste of the state’s passion for outlandishly large breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches. Bauder’s Pharmacy is a must for its ice cream, especially peach and strawberry in summer. For a grand climax to the movable feast, tuck into a supper-club meat and potatoes feast at Jesse’s Embers. (And, if any time during this delectable day the craving strikes for old-fashioned chili, a chili dog, or a chili cheeseburger, George the Chili King will be your new best friend.)


Java Joe’s Coffeehouse

Java Joe's roasts beans and offers French plunge pot coffee. It's also a nice place to eat and one of Des Moines’ hot spots for live music.


B & B Grocery

B&B is a neighborhood grocery store in Des Moines that has become locally renowned for its outsized "killer" sandwiches, including a classic Iowa tenderloin.


Mr. Bibbs

A no-frills sandwich shop in Des Moines, Mr. Bibbs is one of Iowa's top tenderloin destinations. Onion rings are must-eats!


Bauder Pharmacy

Indulge in a turtle sundae, shake, malt, or soda. The ice cream is Bauder's own, the flavor rotation including fresh strawberry and peach in summer months.


Jesse’s Embers

Jesse's Embers of Des Moines, Iowa, cooks steaks on an aromatic charcoal grill and serves them with great onion rings and expertly-made cocktails.


George the Chili King

Hot dogs and hamburgers are served Coney style, meaning topped with dark, spicy chili and chopped raw onions. Chili cheese fries are a great combo plate.

Must Eats