Chicago Must-Eats, Humble & Grand

12 STOPS | 59 MILES | 2 hr 6 min

If you are looking for a true taste of Chicago — eating experiences that are unique to the city or at their very best here — savor these memorable Roadfood favorites. They range from humble donut shops to grand steak dinners and of course include Chicago’s magnificent hot dogs, deep-dish pizza, and the great street-food sandwich known as Italian beef.


Mr. Beef

Mr. Beef is one of Chicago's premier sources of the sloppy, big-flavored Italian beef sandwich. Add spicy giardiniera as a condiment.



Is this the best Chicago sandwich ever? Johnnie's Italian beef delivers juicy garlic kick; add vibrant giardiniera and you'll hear angels sing.


Pizzeria Uno

Forget Uno outlets in other cities. The original is in a class by itself, its pizzas a virtual crustbowl of sauce, cheese, and superb sausage. A Chicago best.

Must Eats

Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Some of the best pies in Chicago, the Midwest -- best anywhere! -- are baked and served at the storefront restaurant Hoosier Mama.


Corned Beef Factory Sandwich Shop

A restaurant created by a genuine corned beef factory, this little gem makes great cured-meat sandwiches, plus Italian beef & Chicago hot dogs.



Of all the great hot dog joints in Chicago, Superdawg might be the greatest. It's certainly the most fun, and the dogs (& burgers & shakes) are unsurpassed.


Manny’s Coffee Shop

Manny's is a Chicago treasure, a big, cafeteria-style restaurant with a vast menu featuring some of the city's best corned beef, sided by potato pancakes.



Chicago's 100+ year-old Berghoff is a German-American restaurant that has changed with the times but maintains culinary traditions all but vanished elsewhere.


Gene & Georgetti

Chicago has no better place to slice into prime aged steak than an old wood-frame house known as Gene & Georgetti just north of the Loop.


Firecakes Donuts

The donut, the whole donut, and nothing but the donut. That's what Chicago's Firecakes is all about: some of the best donuts anywhere.


Harry Caray’s

A high-quality Italian steak house, Harry Caray's also serves such unique Chicago specialties as Chicken Vesuvio and Shrimp de Jonghe.


Garrett Popcorn Shop

At its original Chicago location, Garrett's CaramelCrisp is serious and soulful, its flavor dramatically more important than any other kind of candied corn.