Charlotte Sampler: One Day’s Delights

5 STOPS | 20 MILES | 41 min

Eating Charlotte’s best could take a few weeks; but if you’ve got a single day to taste the Queen City’s quintessential Roadfood, here is the cream of the crop.

Amelie’s is the place to go whatever time you start; it’s open 24/7, and its true French pastries are unsurpassed. For a stylish breakfast, visit Zada Jane’s and be sure to try the sweet potato hash browns. Lupie’s is a locally-loved cafe known for superb southern-style vegetables (including everybody’s favorite vegetable, macaroni & cheese). Of the city’s several soul-food beacons, we like La’Wan’s best, mostly for its salt-and-pepper-crusted catfish. And no visit would be complete without a whole-hog barbecue feast at the legendary Bill Spoon’s.


Amelie’s French Bakery

A French bakery with kitsch decor, Amelie's is a 24/7 beacon of croissants, quiches, tarts, tortes, sandwiches, soups and salads plus coffee in every good form.


Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe

Zada Jane's is a popular, stylish, 3-meal-a-day Charlotte restaurant known especially for breakfast -- from classic buttermilk biscuits to vegetarian exotica.



Lupie's is a Charlotte locals' favorite restaurant, for fresh vegetables (& mac 'n' cheese!), beautiful burgers and bountiful banana pudding for dessert.


La’wan’s Soul Food Restaurant

Serving such soul food favorites as fried chicken, salmon cakes, catfish, and pork chops, La'wan's has become a Charlotte soul food landmark.


Bill Spoon’s Barbecue

A best BBQ restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bill Spoon’s is famed for chopped pork, Brunswick stew, mustard slaw and exemplary hushpuppies.