Charlotte, NC: 2014 Eating Tour

7 STOPS | 226 MILES | 4 hr 24 min

The 2014 eating tour of Charlotte, North Carolina, featured four-star fried chicken, barbecue, pimento cheese, and banana pudding.


Price’s Chicken Coop

Price's Chicken comes encased in crunchy skin imbued with the silky, savory goodness of chicken fat. A Charlotte, North Carolina, fried chicken best bet.

Must Eats
Chicken Dinner , Sweet Potato Pie , Fried Apple Pie, Fried Shrimp , Fried Chicken

Bill Spoon’s Barbecue

A best BBQ restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bill Spoon’s is famed for chopped pork, Brunswick stew, mustard slaw and exemplary hushpuppies.


521 B-B-Q & Grill

521’s BBQ and hushpuppies are some of the best anywhere. A must-visit restaurant in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area.


R.O.’s Bar-B-Cue

BBQ is some of the best; even more notable is R.O.'s intriguing, unique savory slaw, making this an essential restaurant west of Charlotte, North Carolina.


Lexington Barbecue #1

Lexington Barbecue #1 has defined North Carolina excellence since '62. Smoky pork is a festival of tenderness with crunchy bits from the shoulder's outside.



Keaton’s of Cleveland, North Carolina, is home to some of the best chicken anywhere -- deep fried, then saturated with BBQ sauce. Unforgettably delicious!


Nana’s Soul Food

Offering some of the best soul food in Charlotte, Nana's is a cafeteria with a vast array of choices. Great vegetables! Prices are low and service is friendly.