The Best Charleston Soul Food

4 STOPS | 5 MILES | 18 min

You can dine high on the hog in the sophisticated downtown restaurants of Charleston, South Carolina; you also can feast low, on pig tails and neck bones larded into lima beans at a handful of unassuming African-American eateries that are as alluring a part of the city’s sea island flavor as its better-known culinary stars aka the best soul food in Charleston.


Bertha’s Kitchen

Founded by the late Albertha Grant in 1979, Bertha's is a modest cafeteria restaurant on the outskirts of Charleston that is a primer in Lowcountry soul food.



Hannibal's is a ramshackle treasure of Lowcountry soul food, offering such Charleston standards as lima bean supper and okra stew.


Dave’s Carry-Out

Dave's is a small carry-out restaurant specializing in fried shrimp and serving dinner long after other Charleston restaurants have closed.



** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** Ernie's is a small, well-established soul food restaurant in Charleston -- well-known to locals but seldom found by tourists. Prices are low, food flavors are high.